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Circle focus fresnel lens for concentration PV cells
Using optical lenses and mirrors to concentrate the sunlight onto a very small, highly efficient CPV solar cell. For example, under 500-sun concentration, 1 cm2 of CPV ( Concentrator Photovoltaic ) solar cell area produces the same electricity as 500 cm2 normal irradiance without concentration. This is particularly significant when considering the inherent efficiency advantage of the Multi-Junction technology over Silicon solar cells. The use of concentration, therefore, allows substitution of cost-effective materials such as lenses and mirrors for the more costly semiconductor PV cell material.

Solar energy is part of the solution and is a key to our long-term energy supply.

Manufacturing line focus fresnel Lenses for solar concentrator array PV cells

Our concentrator fresnel lenses have been successfully deployed in photovoltaic solar concentrator arrays on man-made satellite integrated with the arrays ,We manufactures lenses for photovoltaic concentrator solar arrays that efficiently convert the sun¡¯s energy to electricity by concentrating sunlight onto the photovoltaic cells. Concentrator arrays focus light onto a small area of PV cells, and can generate more power than flat, or planar, cells.